A ladder bracket might not seem like something that important, but anyone who has worked on a ladder for extended periods of time will tell you that a securely placed ladder can make the job at hand go a lot quicker. Working at heights can be a risky business, SWA (Safe Work Australia) classifies it as a “high-risk activity and a leading cause of death and serious injury in Australia”. Between 2015 and 2019 there were 122 fatalities caused by falling from heights, 16% were from ladders.

What is a Ladder Bracket?

A ladder bracket is a simple yet effective device that is permanently attached to a wall or roof, where a ladder can be secured in place by a single person, making working on a ladder, or going up or down a ladder to work a much safer experience. It also protects your property from damage caused by the weight of the ladder, which can scratch the wall or crack gutters.

Fixed type roof bracket

Where should I install a Ladder Bracket?

Simply put, anywhere roof access requires a ladder. Especially when access is needed for common tasks on a regular basis, like gutter cleaning. You need to assess your property for the best location for roof access, taking into account various factors like ground levels, unfirm terrain, overhead power and telephone lines, pedestrian and other traffic and other roof anchor points. Depending on the access point, you will need a roof or wall bracket.

This can be a daunting task, but the Sydney Anchor Points team of certified installers can guide you through, so the job can be done correctly on the first go.

How do you install a Ladder Bracket?

Installation, if done correctly, can be done in a short period of time, and almost be unnoticeable.

  • Metal roofs: A few screws need to be removed, the ladder bracket is slid under the roofing sheet and the screws are replaced

  • Tiled roofs: A couple of tiles must be removed, the ladder bracket is fixed to the rafter and the tiles replaced

  • Wall mount: This depends on the type of wall. But in most cases, a wall plug adequate for the wall type and matching screw is used to securely attach the ladder bracket

This must be done correctly, otherwise, it can cause water leaks, wall damage or even the bracket to come loose, making it worse than not having a ladder bracket at all!

If you need help, as always, Sydney Anchor Points team of ladder bracket specialist are ready to help!

Why should I install a Ladder Bracket?

If you, or someone who works for you, needs to access your roof for maintenance or cleaning purposes, you should definitely consider a ladder bracket.

  • 17% of compensation claims in Australia are ladder-related

  • Standing on a ladder for extended periods of time can cause stress to the body, making it easier to fall

  • Ladder brackets stabilise the ladder, avoid vertical or horizontal movement, making ladders safer to use

Which ladder bracket should I install?

Only use high-quality ladder brackets. Low-quality brackets can cause premature breakage of gutters and roof sheeting, as they can cause both to rust. High-quality ladder brackets have a protective coating, designed to last for many years. But still, it can be a difficult task to select the right ladder bracket for you.

Sydney Anchor Points are industry professionals, servicing commercial, strata and residential properties all over Sydney, with more than 15 years’ experience installing, certifying and maintaining ladder brackets and roof anchor points. Contact Sydney Anchor Points today for a free quote and make ladder use hazard free!

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