Are you searching for an easy and economical way of improving the first impression your office gives your visitors?

What brand impression is your landscaping and garden giving potential customers?

Gain the competitive edge and create an engaging work environment for your staff with modern commercial landscaping and properly maintained trees.

Some of the world's leading companies invest heavily in creating engaging outdoor spaces with custom-designed landscaping. For example, note this interesting tidbit from the Official Google Blog:

"With trees, landscaping, cafes, and bike paths weaving through these structures, we aim to blur the distinction between our buildings and nature." - Official Google Blog

The company spent millions on a tailored landscape plan and continues to maintain the facilities to ensure they provide a creative and inspirational space for their employees.

A recent statement from the National Association of Landscape Professionals highlighted that “plants have been shown to reduce stress and create a more inviting shopping or work experience”.

Obviously, if used effectively, your trees and landscaping can add value to your business.

But what if you are not one of the world's largest technology companies? What if you are a small company in Newcastle that is looking for easy and cost-effective ways of keeping your landscaping presentable?

The following expert tips and tricks will help you create the perfect commercial landscaping on a budget.

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1) Routine Trimming & Pruning

'A stitch in time, saves nine'. Regular maintenance of your trees will not only ensure that they look great, but can also prevent disease and damage. Professionally pruning a tree is more than just giving your tree a haircut. There are various professional pruning techniques that encourage vigorous tree growth or shaping. When pruning is performed at the right time and with the right technique it can improve the tree's root system and energy reserves, as well as encouraging more fruits and flowers. In Newcastle and throughout the nearby regions, the best time to prune your trees is during summer as it is easy to identify the weight of leaves carried on the limbs. Professional arborists encourage regular pruning once every one or two years. Visit the arborist Newcastle website for the best tree care advice and suggestions.

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2) Keep Soil Moist, Not Soggy

'The more, the merrier' does not always ring true. If a tree is overwatered, not enough oxygen will penetrate the soil. Over-watering is a more common tree care mistake than under-watering. Established trees have extensive root systems that allow them to tolerate varying weather conditions. It is important to adapt to local weather conditions to ensure that your trees are thriving all year round.

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3) Master The Mulch

Proper mulch application is vital to creating a healthy environment for your trees. When mulch is appropriately used it insulates the temperature of the soil, retains water, prevents soil compaction and keeps weeds and diseases from attacking the roots of the trees. Ask any professional arborist in Newcastle what is the number one issue that they find when assessing trees on commercial properties, and they will universally identify that lack of proper mulching is the main issue. While a lot of trees have mulch around them, it is applied too close to the base of the trunk. When completed, mulch should be about 5 to 10 centimetres deep within a one to two meter radius around a large tree.

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4) Early Disease Identification

Trees are living organisms. Early identification of disease can prevent major damage and expensive tree removal services. While the early warning signs might not be obvious to someone not trained in horticulture, a professional arborist can identify signs and symptoms early. Each disease has an appropriate treatment. The earlier the treatment commences, the more likely of a positive outcome. Roots are the most difficult to diagnose since they are underground and require specific testing to identify any disease. A diagnosis and assessment by a professional arborist can help identify any issues and diseases while they are still treatable. If you want to ensure that your trees are providing a positive visual appearance for your commercial facility, ensure that you organise regular arborist assessments for your trees.

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Who Is Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance?

Locally owned and operated, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance is a team of fully qualified and insured arborists that provide expert tree care and maintenance services. Servicing all suburbs within Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance are your local tree care experts.

Free arborist reports and assessments to tree removal, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance offer a comprehensive range of services that you can rely on. With class-leading safety standards and a no-incident record, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance takes the stress and hassle out of tree care.

If you want excellence in arboriculture, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance is the team to call. All staff have undertaken advanced training in their field and are audited regularly to ensure safe operations.

Services provided:

  • Arborist consultations

  • Hazardous tree assessments

  • Tree diagnostics and treatment

  • Tree removal

With a wide base of satisfied commercial customers in the region, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance have established a reputation for superior service and workmanship. The team recognises that any downtime for your business is going to affect your profitability, so they have devised unique streamlined approaches to ensure that there is minimal to no interruption to your business activities when your trees are being assessed, treated and maintained.

Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance covers your office property as well as neighbouring properties. Read around online and you will soon discover that commercial, residential and industrial properties love Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance for their exceptional professionalism and attention to detail.

Skilful industry experts that have built up a reputation in the industry and the Newcastle community as the leading team of arborists in the region.

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