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Are Hair Extensions In The Office Appropriate?

Before we get started into the very best expert tips and tricks regarding styling, cleaning and maintaining hair extensions in the office, it is worth considering whether hair extensions in the office are appropriate.

Simply put, there should not be a problem at all.

Gone are the days of gaudy wigs and hairpieces, we now live in a time of luxuriously elegant hair extensions that accentuate your natural beauty. Sourced from real human hair, modern hair extensions look exactly like they sound, a natural extension to your hair.

When you try on superior quality real human hair extensions you will notice they offer effortless blending and natural shine and fall.

Hair extensions can not only increase your confidence and help you express your own unique style, but they are entirely appropriate in all corporate and office settings. Career coaches at WorkItDaily recommend using stylish hair extensions to boost your confidence and presence.

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What Are The Best Styling Tips?

We are fortunate to live in an era when we have easy access to amazing teaching and training resources that are free and professional. Expert beauty gurus on YouTube can help you maximise the volume and thickness of your hair in minutes. To help you get the style you have been craving for, here are some helpful tips and tricks for bringing your dream hairstyle to life.

Styling your hair should be fun – While the technique is important, make sure that you don't stress about exactly mimicking the latest on-trend hairstyle. Have some fun and ensure that you create your own personal signature look.

Salt Spray For Texture – If you are looking forward to finally having the ability to braid your hair thanks to the extra length, then you may find that your silky smooth hair extensions are too soft and silky. To ensure there is enough texture to grip and hold the braids, apply some salt spray before you start braiding your hair.

Let Your Curls Cool – Once you have ironed your hair so that you can have curls, are you eager to see them? Be patient! While your hair is still warm, it is still malleable. Make sure that your hair is totally cool before you start brushing your hair, this will result in longer-lasting curls that look spectacular. One routine that a lot of experts use is to start by curling your hair, then pausing and putting your makeup on, then only after you have finished applying makeup start to brush out your curls.

What Are The Best Hair Extension Maintenance Tips?

Avoid using shampoos or conditioners that have high levels of alcohol or silicone as these can weaken the bonds of the extensions.

If you are going to dye your hair, make sure that you condition your hair following the process. As premium quality hair extensions are crafted from real human hair they tend to dry following the dyeing process. For the best results, use sulphate free dyes to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.

When brushing use a wide tooth comb. Only brush your hair when it is dry. Hold the roots of your hair when brushing so that you do not pull on the bonds of the hair extensions.

If you are straightening your hair ensure you apply a heat protectant spray first. Do not use a hair iron directly on the tape-on tabs as this will ruin the glue.

Where Is The Best Place To Source Hair Extensions?

If you are searching online for hair extensions, there is one name that will keep popping up in expert testimonials, YouTube reviews and industry recommendations – Eden Hair Extensions. With a focus on creating the most luxurious hair extensions, Eden Hair Extensions has established a reputation both in Australia and throughout the world for crafting premium quality real human hair extensions with class-leading shine and flow.

With an abundance of styles, lengths, colours and thicknesses, there is something for everyone at Eden Hair Extensions.

One of the reasons why Eden Hair Extensions stands out from the crowd is their free shipping offer. Once your order reaches $179, you can receive free shipping – worldwide! Along with their no-risk 60 days returns policy and easy online purchasing options, it comes as no surprise why so many Australian women love Eden Hair Extensions.

If you are looking for the best deals on Eden Hair Extensions, make sure that you sign up for the newsletter on the company website. Not only will you receive advance notice of sales, specials and new product releases, but you will also receive bonus codes and coupons that can help you save $100's when you are purchasing your new hair extensions. Signing up for the newsletter is quick and easy and will ensure that you receive the best deals on premium quality ethically sourced hair extensions.

What Are Ethically Sourced Hair Extensions?

We can not overemphasise the importance of ensuring that your hair extensions are 100% ethically sourced. Women all over the world are suffering because of consumers supporting hair extension suppliers that are sourcing their hair from disadvantaged women.

Companies often target poorer communities and collect hair from women and then either pay them less than the agreed amount or not at all.

By supporting ethically sourced hair you are ensuring that the hair donors are compensated sufficiently and fairly for their donation. Eden Hair Extensions is leading the charge in providing 100% ethically sourced hair extensions. By supporting Eden Hair Extensions in their campaign to only provide 100% ethically sourced human hair, you are supporting the team in protecting women and their communities.

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