• Do you have unsightly scratches on your windows?

  • Has a window cleaner left horrible marks on your glass doors?

  • Are you searching for professional glass polishing technicians to restore your damaged glass?

The Best Glass Scratch Removers

Glass Restore Australia is the preeminent glass repair and glass scratch removal company in Australia. Using a variety of the industry's most advanced technologies, the technicians produce unbeatable results.

Before you consider replacing your window or glass panel, you should take advantage of a free quotation from the #1 glass repair company. Offering a comprehensive range of glass repair and polishing services, Glass Restore Australia provides cost-effective services that are far more affordable than replacing your windows.

Does your toughened or speciality glass need repair?

Glass Restore Australia specialises in providing glass repair for hard water stains, acid rain damage, calcium deposits, limescale and unsightly scratches.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results, Glass Restore Australia will replace the glass panel at no extra cost.

Enjoy the satisfaction of dealing with the industry leader and innovator.

Whether your glass is damaged from acid etch, saltwater stains, glass discolouration, sandpaper scratches or graffiti, the technicians have solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Replacing your windows can be costly, take a moment to discover the cost-effective rates for glass polishing today! Enjoy the view out of your windows without any scratches, stains or etching.

Visit the Glass Restore Australia website to explore the complete range of services today!

Glass Restore Australia

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