We recently had extremely heavy rainfall and flooding in Queensland. Afterwards, I realised that my gutters were damaged and needed repairing. This was sadly due to the lack of regular gutter cleaning. I had read many articles about Brisbane gutter cleaning, but to be honest, I just had not found the time or motivation. So I called out a professional, and they told me they must have been leaking for a while because there was a damp problem on the wall and damage to the fascia. It ended up costing me a fair packet to get it all repaired, and so I thought I would share my experience, so others aren’t caught out too.

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Gutter Cleaning in Brisbane

Gutter cleaning is a service that involves removing debris, such as leaves and twigs, from the gutters and downspouts of a building to prevent clogs and water damage. Brisbane gutter cleaning companies use various techniques such as manual cleaning, power washing and vacuuming to clean gutters.

If you live in Queensland, then you already know about the rainy season. For those of you that don’t know, we get about 1200mm of rain each year. Most of this falls between October and March. Although this isn’t a significant problem in itself, the fact that Brisbane was built on a floodplain is. Great planning, eh? This is why we experience major flooding.

You can see why Brisbane gutter cleaning is essential. Now, with hindsight, so can I! I read online that professionals recommend having your gutters cleaned at least 3-4 times a year. If your property is close to tall trees, you may even need to do it more. Leaves, twigs and other debris fall onto the roof and then make their way down to the gutter. This eventually clogs the gutter and the downpipes.

Another hazard of debris in your gutters is rodents and pests. They make nests in your gutters as it offers a measure of protection. There is also the risk of fire during the bushfire season. Embers from a nearby fire can easily ignite dry leaves and branches trapped in your gutter. This would lead to a roof fire and can cause tremendous damage.

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Is it Worth Using a Gutter Clean Service?

Many, like myself, forget about their gutters until it is too late. Out of sight… I realised it was one of those jobs that I really didn’t want to do myself; I I don't like ladders. The problem was I didn’t want to pay anyone else to do it either. My wife calls me tight…I prefer the word frugal. And so, that’s how I ended up in the expensive situation. If you are in the same boat as I was, get those ladders out or call a Brisbane gutter cleaner now. Honestly, in the end, it is not worth the few bucks you will save.

Do your research if you have decided to put the ladders away and go the pro route. For example, if you google gutter cleaning Brisbane, there are over 2 million results. Sure, not all these are gutter cleaners, but there are 12 pages of businesses alone. This can make it challenging to find the right gutter cleaner for you. But one thing that makes it easier is reviews. I don’t use any service nowadays without looking at their google reviews. The comments give me an idea of the level of service; even the negative ones are helpful.

I chose the top three gutter cleaning Brisbane results in google and then checked a few of the gutter cleaners near me. One had 4.8 stars, another had 4.6, and the final one had 4.9. That is pretty impressive! If they aren’t fake, this service is obviously top-notch. I checked them out, and they were all five-star reviews apart from a four-star. Even the four-star was positive, so I don’t know why they down-scored. The thing that stood out repeatedly was ‘excellent service’.

I decided to give them a call; they are called Brisbane River Gutter Clean, in case you are interested. I spoke with Allen, and he was friendly and professional. We booked a visit for a few days ahead, and he arrived on time. He gave me a free quote, and we booked a time for him to come back and do the job.

On the day, he arrived on time again and fully prepared. After the job, he showed me before and after photos. Ashamedly, I even had birds nesting up there! He also showed me photos of damage on the roof due to the recent storm and suggested someone he knew. He also explained the damage that had been caused because of the leaking gutters. One thing that I was impressed with was that he left the area spotless. If you are looking for Brisbane gutter cleaning, I highly recommend him.

Lessons Learned

As mentioned earlier, I had to get a few tradespeople out to deal with the jobs. Firstly, I contacted my insurance to get them to cough up the money. I was gutted to find out that they wouldn’t pay out because I hadn’t cleaned my gutters regularly. I had not read that in one of the clauses! On the bright side, one of the workers told me I was fortunate I had caught it before the water had time to accumulate in the foundations. He said this would have been a significant job and cost thousands.

Well, lesson learned. After the roof, fascia and gutters were repaired and I had sorted the damp problem, I asked my gutter cleaner to set a schedule for me. He booked me in on a regular basis, so I didn’t have to worry about them building up again. This was a great weight off my mind, and one got me brownie points from the wife. I wasn’t long out of the doghouse from the gutter escapade.

If you are reading this and thinking, when was the last time I cleaned my gutters – It has probably been too long already. Please don’t leave it as I did and live to regret it. Call a gutter clean specialist now and book an appointment; trust me, it’s worth it. Alternatively, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, get out there and do the job yourself. Make sure to take the necessary precautions, as many lives are lost each year from falls from ladders. More about that in the following article...