Roof Ventilator On Tiled Roof

Would You Like A More Comfortable Property?

  • Are you trying to create a more environmentally sustainable office space?
  • Is your electricity bill steadily increasing each year?
  • Do you have staff that are sweltering during hot summer days?
  • An affordable and economical means of keeping your Sydney office cool without blowing your budget is to install whirlybirds on your commercial property.

    How do whirlybirds work?

    What tips can help you find the best value for money whirlybirds?

    These questions and more will be considered in this article.

    Whirlybirds are the perfect means of keeping your property cool during even the most intense summer heatwave. Powered by wind and natural convection forces, whirlybirds can significantly reduce the temperature of a property without needing any electricity.

    By removing heated air from the ceiling cavity, roof whirlybirds prevent the ceiling from radiating and heating up the internal structures of the office. Many commercial property owners in Western Sydney note that installing whirlybirds on their property can dramatically improve the comfort factor of their building.

    Don't put up with hot stuffy air any longer. Prevention magazine recently highlighted the benefits of improving airflow in a workplace, stating that fresh air can boost brainpower, improve health and overall office morale.

Roof Ventilator Operating Reducing Temperature

The Benefits of whirlybirds

Would you like your staff to be more efficient, creative and positive?

By installing whirlybirds on your commercial facility you could increase the productivity of your labour force as well as reduce your electricity usage. One of the main reasons why so many residential, commercial and industrial property owners throughout Australia love whirlybirds is that they have seen their electricity bills slashed following the installation.

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof – High temperatures in the roof cavity can dry existing roof timbers which speeds up the decay of these structural timbers. Excessive moisture can damage the metal and timber support structures of the roof. Termites are drawn to moist areas, hence by installing whirlybirds into your roofing system, you will create a more termite resistant environment.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill – Air-conditioning is an effective way of keeping commercial properties cool in summer, but it uses a tremendous amount of electricity. Modern whirlybirds provide excellent cooling capabilities which reduces the reliance on air conditioning, thereby reducing overall electricity usage.

Keep Your Property Dry In Winter – By increasing airflow, whirlybirds remove excess moisture from the property before it settles on surfaces. Mould thrives in cool, damp environments without airflow. By removing moisture, condensation and steam, whirlybirds create a healthier environment that prevents mould growth.

Is Insulation Enough?

Roofing insulation is an excellent passive form of keeping your office property cool in summer, but it works even more effectively when teamed up with the cooling capabilities of a roof ventilator. While insulation passively delays the buildup of heat in your roof cavity, whirlybirds exhaust heated air from your roof. The result is a cooler and more comfortable property.

During summer, the air in your roof cavity can reach up to 75 degrees.

Can you afford not to install a roof ventilator?

Whirlybird Cross Section

5 Tips To Get The Best Possible Whirlybird For Your Sydney Office

1) Buy Australian Made – There is no shortage of imported whirlybirds on the market. They are cheap, but they are also poorly constructed. Weak seams. Fragile bearings. Unfortunately, these poorly designed and manufactured whirlybirds do not last in the intense weather conditions in Sydney. Though they may be cheap to purchase, they do not offer good value for money.

2) Metal Bearings Are Essential – Plastic bearings warp in the heat. This is one of the reasons why so many whirlybirds squeak and rattle. When subjected to intense heat, the bearings crack and the whirlybird will operate ineffectively.

3) Buy Online – There are some amazing deals on roof ventilators online. You can save significantly by purchasing direct from the manufacturer. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales for the biggest discounts.

4) Waterproof – Before you purchase a whirlybird, do your research and make sure that it operates silently and is waterproof. If there is an access point for water in your roof it will lead to water damage that could be very expensive to repair.

5) All-Metal Construction – Do not underestimate the intense conditions that a roof whirlybird faces in Sydney. High temperatures, strong winds and heavy rain batter the roof ventilators year after year. A solid all-metal construction offers the best durability and will ensure that your whirlybird offers excellent value for money.

What Is The Best Whirlybird For Sydney?

Twista Whirlybirds is a locally owned and operated whirlybird company that designs, tests, builds and installs roof ventilators in Western Sydney. Since 2002, Twista Whirlybirds has been offering a range of eco-friendly property cooling solutions that are highly recommended. With a commitment to creating whirlybirds that are designed for Sydney conditions, thousands of Sydney homes, offices and industrial properties are cooler and more comfortable thanks to the ingenious design of Twista Whirlybirds.

The all-metal design with twin steel bearings strikes the perfect balance between durability and efficiency. The research and design team extensively tested the whirlybirds to ensure they operate silently and are 100% waterproof. The unique low-maintenance design is the perfect solution for commercial and industrial property owners that would like to reduce their electricity bills for minimal investment.

The majority of whirlybirds in Australia have a 300mm throat size, the Twista Grande whirlybird has a whopping 500mm throat size for maximum efficiency. One of the reasons why so many industry experts love the Twista whirlybirds is that they are crafted from exceptionally durable materials.

This is one of the only roofing products you will find with a 25 year warranty. If you want a product that is going to last and not require regular maintenance, this whirlybird ticks all of the boxes.

If you are sick and tired of wasting money on air conditioning, now is the time to investigate the benefits of whirlybirds for your property. Create a more comfortable and effective workspace in your Sydney office building today.

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