The Benefits Of Oriental Rugs In Office Buildings

If you are searching for a simple means of adding elegance and luxury to your office or commercial property, a hand-knotted Oriental rug is exactly what you need. While modern rugs with simple geometric patterns are great for softening a room and adding impact colours, an Oriental rug adds class and style that will be appreciated by staff and clients alike.

Add rich colours to your office and increase the creativity of your team.

Dynamic patterns and images on Turkish rugs that are created by talented artisans will be sure to elevate the sophistication of your corporate space.

Whether you want to add an impact piece to your lobby or add some personality to your office, Along with providing a professional impression to visitors, Oriental rugs also offer a number of other benefits including:

  • Great resale value
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to move
  • Adds a non-physical room divider
  • Sound absorption
  • Underfoot cushioning
  • Stylistic point of difference

An Oriental rug is unique. It can transform your office from a carbon copy commercial space to a unique creative environment with personality.

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The Three Keys To Keeping Your Oriental Rug Clean

If you appreciate the artistry of your hand-woven rug, it is essential that it is properly maintained to ensure that it maintains it's striking appearance.

The key to keeping your rug clean is WAR.

W – Weekly vacuuming

A – Annual rug cleaning

R – Regular spot checks

The importance of weekly vacuuming of your rug cannot be overemphasised. With regular foot traffic, small dirt particles build up in the base of the rug which shears and tears the delicate backing fibres. Acting like sandpaper these abrasive particles will decrease the lifespan of your handmade tapestry.

Regular vacuum cleaning is the easiest way to reduce the amount of dust, dirt and grit from your Turkish rug. Another benefit of regular vacuum cleaning is that it will remove the thin layer of grime that builds up on your rug. As a result, the colours, patterns and images will be brighter and more colourful.

There can be up to 1kg of dirt in the base of your rug. Is it time to have your rug professionally cleaned?

Annual Rug Cleaning

While regular vacuum cleaning is the easiest and most cost-effective way of maintaining your rug, it still does not remove all of the dirt that penetrates deep into the base of the rug.

The only way of completely removing abrasive particles and acid films from your rug is by having it professionally cleaned. Commercial vacuum cleaners can only remove so much dirt before it starts to damage the fibres of a rug.

Professional rug cleaners are able to provide full immersion rug cleaning which thoroughly cleans each and every fibre of the rug without damaging the fibres or dyes.

Regular Spot Checks

Accidents happen in the workplace. Whether you have a coffee spill, an ink cartridge leak or chewing gum lodged on the shoe of a customer, it is important that you deal with stains on your rug as soon as possible. The longer that the stain is on a rug the more likely that it will cause permanent damage.

One technique that a lot of business owners in Sydney use is to ensure that their office building has a rug spot treatment kit. Along with suitable instructions, this simple kit can help prevent long-term damage to your vintage rug. Oriental Rug Care has a range of spot treatment kits that could help you extend the lifespan of your hand-woven rug.

Warning: Do not use a carpet cleaning company to clean your rug. To the novice, carpets and rugs may seem like they need the same cleaning techniques, there is actually a vast difference. Having your rug cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaner is like getting your local house painter to paint your luxury car. Professional rug cleaners use specialised equipment, cleaning solutions and techniques to ensure they don't damage the delicate fibres and dyes.

Who Is Oriental Rug Care?

Widely regarded as the #1 rug cleaning Sydney firm, Oriental Rug Care offers a reliable and professional rug cleaning service for residential and commercial clients in the Greater Sydney region. Alan and Lachlan Bennett have cleaned, repaired and maintained some of the city's most valuable and precious Oriental rugs with tremendous results.

By combining traditional hand-washing techniques with state-of-the-art machinery, Oriental Rug Care is able to remove the most stubborn stains and blemishes in a safe and controlled manner. Using full immersion cleaning in their custom-designed cleaning facility in the Inner West of Sydney, the technicians will remove harmful tannins and chemical contaminants that can cause your rug to deteriorate and fade.

The unique 12-step Persian rug cleaning process offers a comprehensive cleaning service that will ensure your rug looks, feels and smells clean. The process includes the following steps:

  1. Pick-up from your office.
  2. Pre-inspection to determine existing condition and best cleaning method.
  3. This may include testing for colour fastness.
  4. Dusting the rug from the back on a dusting grid to remove the bulk of non-soluble dirt and sand.
  5. Vacuuming of face yarn using HEPA filter beater brush vacuum cleaner.
  6. Dye-setting prior to cleaning if required.
  7. Pre-spotting soiled spots.
  8. Cleaning.
  9. Fringe cleaning.
  10. pH correction check and treatment on wool-rich rugs.
  11. Drying.
  12. Odour-encapsulant deodorising treatment.

If you are looking for a fast and economical way of keeping your Oriental rug in tip-top condition, Oriental Rug Care is the team you can rely on!

To contact the team about cleaning your Oriental, Persian, Turkish or antique rug, visit the rug cleaning Northern Beaches website today for a free rug cleaning appraisal.

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