Juice Cleanse Geelong

Are you searching for a way of boosting productivity, energy levels and attentiveness for your workers and colleagues?

Pro-active business owners and managers all over the world are discovering the benefits of incorporating semi-regular office juice cleanses for their staff.

As the old proverb goes 'you are what you eat'.

So to get maximum output from your staff, it is essential to encourage healthy eating habits.

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As was reported in a famous 2012 article in the New York Times, gone are the days of paintball tournaments and team-building workshops to increase workplace efficiency and bonds. Office Juice Cleanses are all the rage on both Seventh Avenue and Wall Street.

Since this 2012 movement in New York, group juice cleanses have taken over corporate environments all over the world from Mumbai to Melbourne, with innovative tech companies especially leading the charge. This focus on upgrading the health and wellness of employees improves not only staff morale and office atmosphere but can have a tangible increase in productivity and efficiency.

So if you would like to incorporate a group cleanse for your staff members, what can you to do get maximum benefit?

Juice Cleanse Melbourne

Here are 3 tips that will help your group juice cleanse to provide your staff with the best health and wellness boost:

  1. Get The Message Out There - Ensure that there is adequate information for your staff on the juice cleanse benefits. Advertise the juice cleanse well in advance and highlight the benefits of having everyone in the office join the cleanse. While diet and fitness are personal choices for your staff, you can outline the team-building benefits of joining in the cleanse.

  2. Have Options Available In The Options - Depending on the specific juice cleanse that your office is undertaking. There will be a range of other drinks that you can have as well as the juices. Highlight what other drink options are available during the cleanse, for example, lemon and hot water drinks, herbal teas and prebiotic drinks. If herbal teas are recommended during the cleanse, provide your staff with some bonus herbal teas in the lunchroom.

  3. Distractions During Lunch Break - It can be very easy for staff to slip back into old habits during the lunch break and start craving food during this time. Provide some distractions, whether it be a team activity or training that your staff members will enjoy. This will break up their daily routine and help them complete the juice cleanse and get the most benefits.

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