Is the daily grind at your Sydney office space getting monotonous? Are your staff looking unenthused of late? Need something to shake things up a bit? An office makeover might be just what the doctor ordered. Helping your people to love their work is in your best interests.

Successful author and business advisor Simon Sinek once said, “customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”.

Time For An Office Makeover

Once you decide to go ahead with your office makeover, you'll need two things: 

  1. A good plan. Yep, time is money, so you need to wrap everything up quickly if you don't want to blow the budget. A good plan allows you to have everything on hand from the get-go. 

  2. The right power tools. Sure you can pick up consumables and small hand tools at a whim, but we’d recommend a more calculated approach for these bigger-ticket items. 

We've compiled a list of the 7 best tools for your Sydney office space. Later in this article, we'll present some options for where you can get them at value-for-money prices. As a heads up, the Sydney Power Tools website offers an amazing range of specialist power tools with prices you will love.

1. Heat Gun

Suppose you want to strip back that tatty looking beige painted desk to reveal the beauty of the natural wood grain underneath. That’s where the heat gun comes in. It looks like a hair-drier, but don’t try using it to dry your hair! The DeWalt LCD 2000W Heat Gun generates a deadly wave of 50-600 degrees celsius air and comes complete with changeable nozzles and 10 other common accessories. Just point the heat gun at the surface you want to strip and watch the paint start blistering. Then scrape away the softened paint with a tungsten paint scraper. The added benefit of using a heat gun to remove paint is that you spare your lungs from the noxious fumes of chemical paint stripping liquids. Not a bad tool for $135 bucks!

Random Orbital Sander Festool

2. Random Orbital Sander

Once you’ve stripped the bulk of the paint from that desk, it’s time for everybody’s favourite part: Sanding! And yes, we're being sarcastic. Sanding is the most hated part of any restoration project but it doesn’t have to be, not if you have a quality random orbital sander and dust vacuum combo. Take for example the ETS EC 150/3 Random Orbital Sander CTL 26 set by Festool. We’ll talk about the sander first, then the vacuum. This sander spins and orbits at the same time, meaning it doesn’t leave any scratches in the woodgrain. More importantly, this dual motion makes it more efficient. You can literally just hold it where you want to sand, and let IT do all the hard work. If you want a quality sander that is powerful, durable and easy to use, this is the one for you. Expose that beautiful woodgrain with minimal elbow grease.

3. Dust Vacuum

So now for the vacuum part of this Festool combo: It’s super simple. Firstly, plug the vacuum into the power socket on the wall. Secondly, plug your sander into the power socket on the vacuum. Thirdly, attach the vacuum hose to the back of the sander. Lastly, pull the trigger on the sander. The vacuum will automatically engage when you engage the sander, and as soon as you release the trigger, the vacuum will turn off. This Festool sander and vacuum combo is the key to an easy dust free sanding experience.

Rotary Hammer Drill Festool

4. Rotary Hammer Drill

No office makeover is complete without some fresh wall art. The chances are, you’ll need to make holes in your wall. Making holes in walls is easier said than done if your office walls are solid brick or stone. That’s where a rotary hammer drill is your best friend. With the Milwaukie SDS Plus, battery operated Rotary Hammer Drill, you literally just point and shoot. You’ll really be surprised how this powerful, energy efficient and ergonomically designed machine makes a stone wall feel like butter.

Festool Cordless Drill

5. Cordless Drill

Cordless drills or “screw-guns” as the Americans say, are a staple on any office makeover. There are some really cheap options on the market, but like anything, you get what you pay for. That said, there’s no reason to break the bank either. Take the 18V Driver Drill Kit by Makita. Coming in at just $199 bucks, this versatile tool comes with 2 x 1.5AH batteries, a charger, and a carry case. It’s a variable speed no-nonsense drill that’s up for even the toughest of tasks. Whether drilling holes into hardwood or screwing those small handles to your office desk draws, this is the tool for you.

6. Jigsaw

So you’re probably not going to be using any demolition saws or heavy duty machinery when tinkering in your office. That’s why the faithful jigsaw is the perfect compromise. With a good jigsaw, you can make clean, straight cuts without working up a sweat. Jigsaws are ideal for cutting shapes out of flat surfaces like plasterboard or plywood. You can even get a bit arty and cut out detailed contours for your latest Pinterest inspired wall art idea. It’s also good for small straight cuts like taking a few inches off those wooden chair legs.

7. Radio

Sure it doesn’t sound that essential, but music is a time-tested method of lifting morale on the job-site. Good workplace morale always ensures higher productivity, but you don’t want to bring your new Bose stereo onto the job-site. That’s why a job-site radio like the DeWalt AM/FM Radio is perfect. Purpose built, it can handle all the dust, drops and bumps you can throw at it. With superb sound quality and mobile device connectivity, it’s the perfect accessory. And since it’s battery operated, you can bring it to your next beach barbeque for all day tunes.

Hire or Buy?

One could make a case for hiring these tools instead of buying, but there’s no doubt about it: buying up-front is the long-term economic option. You’ll always have the flexibility to make small improvements here and there too.

Sydney Power Tools Shopfront

Sydney Power Tools

F&K Tool’s online store offers the perfect toolbox for your Sydney office makeover. They provide a vast array of quality power tools at reasonable prices, and they stock both every-day and specialised tools. At F&K Tools you’ll find quality names like:

  • Arbotech
  • Bahco
  • Buckaroo
  • DeWalt
  • Festool
  • Honda
  • Makita
  • Leica
  • Powers Fasteners
  • Panasonic
  • Milwaukie

With free shipping on all orders of $100 or more throughout Sydney, F&K Tools has you covered. Log-on and check out the online store at or visit them in person at 86-88 Parramatta Rd Stanmore or 283A Victoria Rd Rydalmere. Opening hours are 7am-5pm on weekdays and 8am-1pm on Saturdays. Invest in the 7 best tools for your Sydney office space now, and enjoy the freedom of being able to fix or improve what you want, when you want.

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