How To Use An Oriental Rug In An Office?

Authentic Oriental rugs can add a splash of sophistication to your office. Whether you have a tapestry hanging on your wall or a spectacular patterned Turkish rug on the floor, there is a uniquely inviting and earthy appeal of a hand-woven rug.

As Persian rugs contain resplendent colours, shapes and patterns, they can fit into any aesthetic. It does not matter whether your desired style is urban minimalism or traditional craftsman, a well-chosen area rug can be the final touch to complete your style.

You can use a monochromatic rug to accentuate the chicness of your contemporary office or maximise the eclectic atmosphere of your corporate sprawl by using tribal patterns. Interior designers love the practical style of area rugs, as they utilise the floor which can easily be neglected, especially in corporate settings.

Are Oriental rugs in style in 2021?

If you look at history you will see that Oriental rugs are never out of style. If you want to create a distinguished yet welcoming atmosphere in your corporate setting, adding an Oriental rug into your workspace is the perfect solution. According to Architectural Digest, there is no office space that can not benefit from the addition of an Oriental rug. Add flair to your space, whether it be traditional or modern, with a versatile area rug that never goes out of style. In fact, not only will your rug never go out of style, but it can actually increase in value if it is properly maintained.

How often should rugs be professionally cleaned?

Professional rug cleaning technicians recommend having a hand-woven rug cleaned at least once every 12 months. Delaying your rug cleaning can lead to the early demise of the dyes and delicate fabrics of your rug. As sand, dirt and abrasive particles build up in the foundation of the rug, they can shear and tear away at the fabric, thereby drastically shortening the lifespan of your valuable tapestry.

How do you place an area rug in an office?

If you are looking for a simple way of creating a welcoming, warm and unique space in your corporate office, adding a hand-woven Oriental rug is just what you need. The diverse colours and interesting patterns encourage creativity while fostering an atmosphere perfect for communication.

Finding the perfect rug to suit your personality, branding and desired aesthetic is not easy. But that is only half the journey. You will also need to identify the perfect position and orientation for the Persian rug.

A simple rule of thumb to assist is that the rug should be a few feet shorter than the shortest wall in the room. The rug needs to be of sufficient size that it can contain your primary desk as well as chairs on each aspect of the desk. This will ensure that you create a space in your room with a purpose. Additionally, you want to ensure that there is adequate room for any roller chairs to move without having to climb up and down the fringes of the rug.

Regarding orientation, it is best to follow the natural orientation of the room. If you have a rectangular Oriental rug in a square room, it is best to situate the rug so that the longest side of the rug is perpendicular to the exterior windows.

Who is the best rug cleaner in Sydney?

Oriental Rug Care is undoubtedly the leading name in hand-woven rug cleaning, repair and maintenance in Sydney. With a team of talented and passionate technicians, this is the team you want to engage if you want the best results.

With a purpose-built rug cleaning studio in the Inner West of Sydney, Oriental Rug Care provides high-quality rug cleaning services for private and commercial clients in the Greater Sydney region. Using a unique combination of modern and traditional rug cleaning techniques, the technicians can remove stubborn stains and dirt to ensure your rug looks, smells and feels like new. Whether you have a simple wool runner or a valuable silk rug, Oriental Rug Care provides hassle-free service. For the best rug cleaner in Sydney, rely on Oriental Rug Care!

What services does Oriental Rug Care Provide?

If your rug is dirty, ill-maintained or damaged, Oriental Rug Care has the solution. With a wide range of cost-effective services, Oriental Rug Care is the key to not only ensuring your rug looks great but that is has a long life. By removing acidic residue and abrasive particles from your rug, the technicians can extend the lifespan of your rug so that it looks immaculate year after year.

  • Oriental rug cleaning

  • Rug repair

  • Spot and stain removal

  • Smoke damage repair

  • Water damage repair

  • Pet accident treatment

  • Rug sanitation

  • Multi-stage deep cleaning

If your rug requires a specialised maintenance service, don't hesitate in contacting the team to see how they can assist you. Free quotes are available via the company website and over the phone.

Where Does Oriental Rug Care Service?

Based in Marrickville, Oriental Rug Care provides a free rug pick-up and drop-off service throughout the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Sydney CBD, North Shore and Northern Beaches.

One of the reasons why Oriental Rug Care is so highly rated for their services is the attention to detail and professionalism. When you commission the services of the team to clean and maintain your rug, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your rug will be properly respected and cared for by industry experts with an abundance of knowledge and experience.

It doesn't matter whether your rug has been damaged from an ink accident or is dirty from normal use in the office, Oriental Rug Care provides a convenient and economic service that you will be happy to use year after year.

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