Urinal Cakes

Did you know that 47% of workers believe that a dirty bathroom shows that a company does not care about its customers or employees?

What are the urinals in your mens bathroom saying about your business?

Many commercial facility managers have found that using urinal cakes is a simple and effective way of keeping their urinals clean.

But with so many urinal cakes on the market, how can you find out which are the very best urinal cakes?

3 Points To Help You Find The Best Urinal Cakes

1 - Safety First

In recent times, the NSW Government Health Department has been highlighting the need to avoid purchasing urinal blocks that contain naphthalene. So before you are sold on the latest and greatest urinal cakes with all of the bells and whistles, double-check that they are benzene free.

2 - Water Soluble

Water soluble urinal blocks ensure that the drains do not block.

3 - Prevent Uric Scale

Hard scale buildup is common in commercial urinals. Urinal blocks that actively reduce uric scale will not only keep your mens bathrooms free of funky smells but they will also extend the lifespan of your urinals and prevent expensive plumber callouts.

So Which Urinal Cake Ticks All Of The Boxes?

Australian-owned and operated, Urinal Cake is a urinal maintenance supplier that provides what many consider the #1 urinal cakes on the market. Made in Australia using a unique composition of enzymes, these urinal blocks actively clean the uric scale and keep even the most frequently used urinals free of foul smells.

Perfect for use in offices, commercial buildings, shopping centres, airports, restaurants and public facilities.

Free shipping is available. Buy bulk and save. Check out the Urinal Cake website for the fantastic rates on the class-leading urinal cakes and urinal mats the team has in stock. With regular use, the urinal blocks last up to 30 days, combatting nasty smells.

If you want to prevent 95% of urinal blockages and save thousands of dollars on emergency plumber fees, invest in the best urinal cakes in Australia.

Discover the range of urinal mats and cakes, and grab a bargain on the Urinal Cake website today.

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