Great Sydney Office Party Setting

Which type of person are you?

  • Do you love organising events, parties and functions?
  • Or does the responsibility of organising a big event lead to heart palpitations and sleepless nights?

It does not matter whether you love being the party planner or hate it, if you have been delegated the role of organising a special event for your team, the following seven tips can help you organise a special event for all of the right reasons.

Wine Glasses For Office Party

1 - Set A Theme

Now we are not talking about mermaids or eighties nights, but rather create a mission statement for the event. What is the goal? Is it to celebrate a successful year where the team smashed expectations? Do office morale and relationships need to be improved? Do relationships with key customers need to be strengthened and rewarded? Keep working on the goal of your event until you can summarise it in one key statement.

2 - Confirm The Budget

Depending on the success of the year, there is not normally too much room allocated to the end of year festivities. Whether the company is splurging or staff are required to pitch in, it is essential to allocate a concrete number to the budget before you can start planning. It is important to be realistic about what team members are able to contribute to the occasion, but asking guests to add a little bit to the kitty can ensure that the event is memorable for all of the right reasons.

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3 - In House Or Out

While it will definitely stretch the budget, organising a venue out of the office has some significant benefits. A 2017 survey by EventBrite highlighted that 85% of employers reported that company end of year parties had a positive impact on staff morale. While there is obviously added costs to organising a venue, the benefits for company morale and team-bonding can easily justify the expenses. Talk with your boss about this once a year opportunity to strengthen team ties and see if you can wrangle a little bit extra to add to the budget. By highlighting the fact that staying in the office does not give staff a break from their normal work environment, team members can connect with one another more easily in a different social setting.If the budget is really tight, you could investigate having a long lunch or after dinner drinks as opposed to dinner. Some Sydney venues are more affordable during lunch, though if this means that your office needs to shut down, or that only a limited number of staff can attend it may negate the financial benefits.

4 - Book A Venue

Are you organising an end of year event for your company? Just remember that every other office in Sydney is doing the same thing with probably the same narrow time frame. If you want to let down the staff and end up in a dingy establishment, then put off booking a venue until the start of December. If you want to book an event at the best French restaurant Sydney, then now is the time to get planning and booking.If you want to earn some massive brownie points with your workmates and managers, get in early to avoid disappointment. As was highlighted in the previous point, make sure you set your budget first. Once your budget is finalised start searching for the best venue that matches your budget, while still leaving some wiggle room.

5 - Welcome Suggestions

Are you overwhelmed with all of the necessary decisions and options? Utilise your team members opinions and ensure the success of the occasion by inviting your coworkers to fill out an online survey. Setting up a simple survey on Google Forms only takes a few minutes and can help team members feel like they are actively involved in the process. By taking note of the dominant preferences and requirements you will be able to identify which trends will help you create the most successful party for your office.

6 - Get Invites Out Early

While we live in a digital age where invites are often sent digitally, if you want your corporate event this year to be a little bit more special, then printed invites are the best option. Designing and printing your invites is now so much easier and more affordable than it ever used to be. Not only is a printed invitation your first opportunity to help create buzz and excitement for the event, but it will also help assure that as many from your office are able to attend as possible. Make sure that you clearly specify the time, date, location, costs associated, travel arrangements and RSVP requirements.

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7 - Is This The Best Venue In Sydney?

Located in a tastefully renovated 19th-century cottage on the North Shore, Sous Le Soleil is a boutique French restaurant that could well be the best-kept secret in the Sydney dining scene. With a large courtyard perfect for cocktail events, smaller private rooms and unique shared spaces, Sous Le Soleil offers a refined dining experience for your next corporate event.

The experienced staff have established an untarnished reputation for successful functions.

With facilities able to cater events up to 150 people, Sous Le Soleil could well be the key to helping you create the best end of year function your company has ever had!

Combining elegant surroundings with delectable dishes, Sous Le Soleil is the perfect setting for your team to let their hair down and celebrate all of the little victories of the past year.

French Restaurant Sydney

With a passion for traditional French food with a modern Asian fusion, the talented chefs at Sous Le Soleil combine expert techniques with creative flair. Additionally, the wine list and drinks options need to be seen to be believed. If your budget does not include space for award-winning wines from Australia and France, then it is very easy to organise a bar arrangement with the Sous Le Soleil team.

Visit the French cafe Sydney website to inquire about what dates are available for your Sydney office party. The team are ready to ensure your event is a stress-free event.

Sous Le Soleil

Address: 60A Clanville Rd, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia

Phone: (02) 9880 8816