Point Air-Conditioner Vents Away From Windows

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping your office windows cleaner for longer that the leading window cleaning Sydney teams recommend. Though you may not notice it, air-conditioner vents are constantly blowing dust particles onto your windows. The small electrical charge in the dust particles causes them to stick onto the windows.

Take the time to look at the windows in your office. Do you notice any windows that are particularly dirty? Are there any air-conditioner vents pointing at them?

By simply pointing the vents away from your windows you will reduce the number of dust particles blowing onto your windows and your windows will stay clean for longer.

Clean Your Air-Conditioner Filters

As highlighted in the above point, your air-conditioner is one of lesser known, but significant, causes of dirty windows in office properties. An effective means of reducing the impact of air-conditioning systems on your windows is cleaning the filters in your air-conditioner. This will allow the filter to remove the amount of dust that is in the air, resulting in fewer particles being blown around your office. While it might only be a slight saving, by cleaning your air-conditioner filters your unit will also require less electricity to operate efficiently.

Learn How To Touch-Up Window Clean

While strapping on an abseil and cleaning the exterior windows of your property is out of the question for most facility managers, undertaking a quick and efficient internal window cleaning touch-up can have a dramatic impact on the impression of the cleanliness and professionalism of an office.

What is needed?

  • High-quality squeegee
  • Applicator
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Bucket
  • Microfibre cloth

You should be able to purchase everything you need for this semi-professional window cleaning kit for under $100.

In order to get the best results:

  • Do not use too much detergent
  • Clean from the top down
  • Do not clean in direct sunlight
  • Move everything away from the window before you start
  • Make sure you have appropriate PPE and safety equipment
  • Watch Youtube tutorials to learn a professional technique

While you may not be able to provide streak-free window cleaning, at least you will be able to remove some of the nasty fingerprint smudges and stains. By performing routine touch-up window cleaning throughout your office space you can reduce the needed frequency of professional window cleaning which can save you significant expenditure in the long run.

Ask Your Window Cleaning Company About Regular Cleaning Schedules

A sure-fire way of keeping your windows in tip-top condition is having them professionally cleaned as frequently as possible. One of the main reasons why property managers in Eastern Sydney delay having their windows cleaned by a professional is the cost of engaging the services of professional window cleaning contractor.

But there is a great value for money option?

Have you researched how much you could save with a regular window cleaning program?

Compared with a one-off clean, window cleaning firms will offer impressive discounts for commercial properties that sign up for a regular cleaning schedule. For just a fraction more investment, you could have your windows cleaned twice as frequently.

How would your business benefit by having your windows cleaned twice as frequently?

  • Improve the impression you provide your customers
  • Improve staff morale
  • Extend the lifespan of your windows and seals

Take the time to research the benefits of a regular cleaning schedule and you could save thousands in the long run.

How Often Should I Have My Office Windows Cleaned?

The key to evaluating the ideal frequency for cleaning your office windows is finding the balance between providing a professional impression and cost efficiency. Customers and potential clients notice even the smallest imperfections when they first set foot in your facility. Little spots and smudges on your windows that you might not notice, will stand out to visitors.

The location and structure of your property need to be taken into consideration. Multi-level properties in the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches tend to have high concentrations of salt deposits. If left for long periods of time without cleaning, these salt deposits will reduce the lifespan of the joints and seals on the windows. Properties that are located on roads and freeways with high volume traffic tend to require more frequent window cleaning. Statically charged carbon deposits from traffic causes windows to be easily covered in dark dust that will restrict the view out of your windows.

Most Sydney window cleaners recommend office buildings in the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD and Inner West require window cleaning at least twice a year. Touch-up window cleaning services for just the interior of the windows can be provided more frequently for corporate offices that demand the highest level of cleanliness.

Who Is The Best Office Window Cleaning Team In Sydney?

With a reputation for exceptional customer service and workmanship, Clean My Windows is widely regarded as one of Sydney's premier window cleaning contractors. Offering a fast and professional service, the fully trained and insured window cleaning technicians offer a cost-effective cleaning service you can rely on.

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With affordable regular cleaning schedules, Clean My Windows can help you provide a professional and clean impression for your business all year long. There is no shortage of five-star reviews for the Clean My Windows team, so you can engage their services with complete confidence that you are dealing with a professional outfit that will get the job done right the first time.

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