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Are you searching for simple and effective cleaning tips?

Are you sick and tired of the filthy appearance of your pool?

Here are some simple pool cleaning and maintenance tips from the Wangaratta Pool experts that will keep your pool sparkling clean!

1) Pool Vacuuming – Most pool maintenance experts will recommend vacuuming a residential pool at least once a week. Due to the increased use of a commercial pool, it is vital that it is vacuumed at the end of each day. Daily vacuuming will prevent nasty stain build-up and can prevent pump blockages. Investing in an automatic pool vacuum such as the Zodiac VX65 iQ offers an automated cleaning option that can save you time and hassle so that you can focus your efforts on other essential projects.

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2) Check Water Levels – The water level of your pool will gradually decrease due to evaporation and loss due to normal use. If the water level drops lower than the level of your pool leaf skimmer, it can lead to pump damage. By keeping a close eye on the level of water or installing an automatic water level tool, you can extend the lifespan of your pump and reduce the overall work needed to maintain your pool.

3) Call In The Experts – For the highest quality water testing and analysis it is vital that you engage the services of an experienced and qualified pool cleaning expert. While there are a lot of excellent pool water test kits, there are still a lot of factors that a pool cleaning expert could identify that can not be tested on a simple pH test strip.

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